A comprehensive training for sales reps and SDRs of all levels. Whether a new rep needs to get started off on the right path or an experienced rep is looking to improve their skills, PathRight has the right blend of on demand and live virtual training.


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Everything a rep needs to close their first deal, delivered over 8 weeks with a blend of self-paced and live virtual training.  

Five competency tracks:

  1.   Business acumen
  2.   Value proposition
  3.   Prospecting
  4.   Sales process
  5.   Product knowledge


Fanatical prospecting boot camp for HROs

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Built on the foundation of the Fanatical Prospecting Program by Jeb Blount, our certified trainers developed an industry-specific program tailored to the unique challenges of prospecting in PEO/HRO industry.

  • Developing a Fanatical Prospecting mindset
  • Telephone prospecting framework
  • Email prospecting framework
  • Smart prospecting discipline
  • Getting more prospecting done, in less time, with better outcomes


Our catalog of on-demand, video-based courses have something for every sales team and role.

The All Access Pass option is a cost-effective way to give your team access to a complete suite of sales training without breaking the budget.

  • Powerful questions
  • Building a trusted advisor network
  • Building a prospecting playbook
  • Presentation skills
  • Selling with stories

New programs start every month!

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The right balance of virtual and live training for modern selling.