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  • 7 Ways Sales and Customer Service Can Actually Work Together
    In the world of HR Outsourcing services, businesses face the ongoing challenge of keeping their clients happy. There is more competition than ever in the HRO industry, and even more within the PEO industry, the slightest disruptions can send your clients racing over to competitors.  No matter the form of this disruption or dissatisfaction, clients […]
  • Overcoming the Top 7 B2B Sales Challenges Faced By Salespeople in 2021
    B2B sales depend on interpersonal interactions, which have been hampered due to COVID-19. The pandemic’s wide-ranging ramifications have upset the balance of the entire B2B sector. Businesses are looking to cut spending to alleviate total losses, avoid layoffs, and remain open. While there are many challenges to overcome in 2021, B2B buying will not stop […]
  • 5 Steps To A More Effective B2B Sales Approach
    If you want to increase your B2B sales and convert more leads into loyal clients, start by taking a look at your approach. B2B sales have changed, and if you haven’t reexamined your strategy in a while – it’s time. B2B sales success hinges on your approach. As a B2B sales professional, it is important […]
  • [VIDEO] Navigating the New Normal with Ray Dile & Blythe Kazmierczak (Ep. 2)
    Webinar recording from April 2020 The post [VIDEO] Navigating the New Normal with Ray Dile & Blythe Kazmierczak (Ep. 2) appeared first on Pathway Strategies.
  • [VIDEO] Navigating the New Normal with Ray Dile & Blythe Kazmierczak (Ep. 1)
    Webinar recording from March 2020 The post [VIDEO] Navigating the New Normal with Ray Dile & Blythe Kazmierczak (Ep. 1) appeared first on Pathway Strategies.
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  • One Bite at a Time, Microlearning is a Better Way to Learn
    If you think about teaching as a business, and the learner as a customer, then the research referenced here is direct feedback from customers on what works the best. A study from Germany indicates that short content drives over 20% more information retention. The good news is that short content delivery also works better in […]
  • What does the #futureofwork really mean? A refocus on skills.
    I have been reading and researching what has been written about the future of work and how we can prepare and be ready to adapt. I am going to use a gross over-simplification of business as demand meeting supply. In this simple definition, I look back at talent shortages or surpluses I have lived through, […]
  • Implementing Customer Success within HR Services
    Here is a webinar, where my experience building customer success into the primary customer-relationship role at Axios HR was featured by Tracey Wik at GrowthPlay.
  • Interviewing Epiphanies
    I had the opportunity to attend a session on hiring at Prism HR Live, the user conference for our HR software. The speaker was Francis J. Flynn, The Paul E. Holden Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University. His talk focused on analytics work done by Google on their hiring process.
  • Balancing Bias and Decisiveness
    Axios HR had Will Osmun from the Urban League in Grand Rapids, lead a session on unconscious bias for our group internally. It definitely pushed me to be more reflective.