Delivering on client promises is where operations and service leaders shine. While every organization is unique, the people, process, management, and technical competencies are similar across service organizations. This learning path provides an operational leader the opportunity to look around the corner and stay one step ahead of their team and their clients.

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Leading operations requires a strong process orientation and a gift for aligning staff to the needs of the customer.

This program will teach you how to stay in front of customer needs and ensure your team is prepared and supported while they provide service that client’s value.

Great service delivery leaders understand how to set and manage client expectations and align their organizations to consistently execute.

This program will step through how to quickly understand your unique portfolio and how to optimize your service model to deliver both retention and productivity.

Managing people is both art and science.

Many managers in mid-sized service organizations are “working managers,” which is just one hat among many they wear. This program will provide you simple and practical techniques to help you immediately get your team aligned and performing.

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