PEO Executive Onramp Program

Arming new PEO executives with practical knowledge and insights

Preparing new PEO
executives for success


New executives in the industry are often challenged with learning the complexities of the PEO  industry, and newly promoted executives often need a more holistic organizational view in order to become effective.   The Pathright PEO Executive Onramp program shortens the learning curve and establishes a foundation for new executives to integrate into their new roles seamlessly.


The Executive OnRamp Program establishes the foundational knowledge that usually takes 18 months or more.

Participants learn industry business acumen, gain a perspective of the larger PEO market, learn the interdependencies across all the functional areas, grasp how all the products and services are delivered, and understand how companies acquire and retain clients. 

Pathright takes a multidimensional approach to learning, combining live sessions, a full online curriculum, small group discussion, case study, and an immersive strategy to provide new insights and give participants opportunities to apply them.

During this five-week program, participants will:
  • Advance the strategic decision-making capabilities by thinking more holistically about the organization and more creatively about current challenges, opportunities, and solutions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of each functional area of the organization to improve the design and implementation of new initiatives and avoid destructive and unnecessary conflicts.
  • Gain foundational knowledge in how to lead and facilitate profitable growth, in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of all core areas of the business; KPI development, business development, client services, operations, people management, and strategy development.

Program Topics

Preparing for the challenges of leading means acquiring the industry-specific business acumen, learning how departments rely on each other to succeed, strategies to scale the organization, modern leadership skills, and cultivating a buyer and client mindset that drives growth and retention.

business acumen

Industry and business acumen that enable a broader strategy to drive execution towards predictable results.

market landscape

Understand the forces moving the industry and positioning the company for competitive advantage.

buyer lifecycle

Attracting the right buyers and converting them to clients.

customer lifecycle

Best practices in delivering an exceptional client experience.

product expertise

Applied service and product knowledge to address buyer and client needs.


Inspiring and nurturing teams to perform at their best individually and together.

Who Is It For?

Whether a new executive coming into the PEO industry or a functional leader being promoted to the executive ranks PathRight Executive Onramp program can get someone up to speed faster:

This program is right for

A seasoned executive who is coming into the PEO industry and needs to learn the business

A newly promoted PEO functional leader who is taking on additional responsibilities in an Executive capacity

A mid-level manager with potential for future senior management roles

Program Leaders

Ray Dile

Ray has worked in the PEO industry for over 22 years, working in positions ranging from Sales Rep. to EVP of Business Development and President. Throughout his career he has trained and led hundreds of sales and marketing professionals. Today, as Principal of Pathway Strategies, Ray coaches and helps CEOs, executives and sales teams take advantage of the new market dynamics.

Certified Fanatical Prospecting Trainer

Blythe kazmierczak

Blythe has led multiple HR outsourcing businesses through various stages of scaling over the last 25 years. In ‘the seat’ she has accomplished profitable growth, but also scraped elbows and learned hard lessons along the way. Today, as Principal of BlytheTalent, she helps CEOs, executives and service teams deliver on their client promises through combining a human touch, innovative technology and seasoned business management practices.